Standard package. Price: 290 Euros. Annual fee 250 Euros.

This package is suitable for overseas residents who need a Bulgarian address:

  • Register your Bulgarian company from A to Z, using OUR registered office address in the country, appoint your own candidates as director(s), sole owner and/or shareholders;
  • Standard minimal capital – 2 BGN/1 Euro;
  • Preparation of the full set of documents both in Bulgarian and English language;
  • Provision of a registered office address for 12 months (our registered office address service is charged annually);
  • Mail forwarding & secretarial;

General terms and Conditions: 

  • The formation of a limited liability company usually takes as little as couple of hours up to five working days from the time that your documents as well as payments are received by LM Legal Services.
  • The amount of State fees and taxes will depend on the method of certification of documents, as well as on the country where the signing takes place.

Please, note that different fees and terms apply for the registration of a sole trader, rep.office, plc, fully owned subsidiary and a holdings structure.

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